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12/2/2023 9:22:39 PM

Trials's Matchmaking

With the new matchmaking that was added that split players between Flawless tickets and non-flawless tickets was a great change, it seems to only shoot me in the foot. Every solo game, I seem to just run into players stomping me 9 times out of 10. Before the changes, I could easily get past 3 games and sometimes go flawless if I sat down long enough. The enemy team seems to be seasoned veterans, stomping everyone in the way. Meanwhile, my teammates almost seem like they're new to the game mode (which is fine, no problem with being new). In addition, the map "Eternity" doesn't help Trials's "Dominion" mode (Bad map with a terrible game mode), which still pulls Bubble Titans onto the stage. Remove Eternity as a whole, return to normal Elimination. Am I the only player here struggling, or is it a simple skill issue?



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