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9/21/2023 7:21:30 PM

[CULT] Crossplay End-Game Megaclan | Sherpa Programme & Daily LFGs | Multi-Clan Approach Across All Timezones | 18+

[quote][b]CULT[/b][/quote] CULT is a community of dedicated, passionate end-game players with a vast amount of experience in the Destiny 2 community. We have multiple in-game clans, centered around a singular Discord where all gamers can LFG and collaborate in a positive & engaging environment. Our community prides itself on active, daily in-game players and a supportive environment for new and returning players eager to learn aspects of the game through our dedicated Sherpa programme - the CULT Educators. [quote][b]Why join CULT?[/b][/quote] CULT is able to offer active and engaged gamers from around the globe at your fingertips, through our in-game clan offerings and Discord server. Cultists share a singular Discord, with LFG capabilities and dedicated runs available to all members - regardless of which in-game clan they are in. Still require a challenge run? No problem. Easily organise clan-specific runs with other Cultists in your in-game clan to tick off triumphs for the seals you need. [quote][b]How to Join[/b][/quote] 1) Upvote on this post. 2) Join our Discord at the following link: 3) Register your account within the bot, check our in-game clan list and communicate who you'd like to join!



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