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10/19/2023 8:38:08 PM

Season Pass not given with Annual Pass purchased with Lightfall DLC (PC)

I would love to get in touch with any Bungie staff. A few days ago, I was gifted a code for some DLC's for Destiny 2 by a friend. I haven't played the game since season 6 and this was my friend's way of getting me back into the game. ISSUE: One of the DLC's was Lightfall with the Annual Pass. The DLC's are listed on Steam's DLC page as downloaded and installed. Season pass remains locked via paywall. I have waited some time to see if it was simply a transactional error or delay. Nothing I look up is any help and there is no support email or phone number to contact so this is my best option. If anyone knows how to help or move forward, I would greatly appreciate it!



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