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10/13/2023 12:25:59 PM

Join Orbit Dwellers and Join Us In Orbit!

Do you enjoy playing D2 less than sitting in orbit then Orbit Dwellers is the gaming community for you! All kidding aside, we are a 18+, LGBTQIA friendly, inclusive, Deaf friendly, and ASD adult gaming community. We are built on the love of D2, end game content, Title chasers, and we are adult guardians. Our general average age is 23+. We are welcoming new guardians to call fam and to raid with is ideally what we love along with Grandmasters. We are looking to expand and never have a night where if someone wants to raid we have to go looking for a PUG or LFG is ideal. Currently we have 25 members but are in need of more activity during the evening and seeking dependable adult guardians. Typically we are doing raids after 6:00 PM EST and finish time before 11:00 PM EST. We are wanting to start doing Masters, challenges, but are running into schedule conflicts amongst the members. We have a discord which you don't have to be a member to join. Our rules in Discord are pretty much self explanatory. Love others, respect their pronouns, and if a member asks you to cease in making fun of them, or anything for that matter you respect that guardian's wishes. All events we schedule are open for new guardians, members, and veterans as long as light level requirements are met. The discord is monitored frequently and event engagement happens often. If you're interested you can message me, or reply to the post with your Discord and Bungie ID, or if you feel more comfortable you can message me at my Discord Step Up In Life#6904. We hope to see you in Orbit soon! Step,



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