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10/9/2023 5:22:56 AM

Recruiting night owls for House Twilight [18+]

Greetings, Guardians! We are House Twilight, a branch of the Guardian Collective community. We are newly formed, and we are seeking players to join our ranks! [b][u]What we’re seeking:[/u][/b] - Players active late in the evening, between 9pm - 4am EST - Veterans, returning players and new lights welcome - 18+ - Interested in raiding, Grandmasters, achievement hunting, casual PvP + Gambit [u][b]What we offer:[/b][/u] - Discord server to coordinate activities, voice channels, share memes, chat with other members of Guardian Collective - Community members willing to teach and assist with raids + other activities - In-game clan for achievements and weekly engrams - 18+ chill, LGBT+ friendly community with members from all over the world and different time zones. - Occasional community giveaways, and friendly competitions Even if you don’t opt to join a clan right away, the Discord is open to hop in and chat. Make some friends while you visit us 🙂 [u][b]The Not So Fun Stuff:[/b][/u] - There is a 3 week inactivity limit in reguards to game activity. We have this implemented so that clan population remains active. - If you plan to be inactive for an extended period of time, please let the admin team know so we can make a note. - For members found to be inactive, admins will reach out twice (in two different instances) before removal. If the member replies to one of those messages, the inactivity “timer” will be reset. - While Discord activity is not required, [b]it is strongly recommended.[/b] We encourage this so that you can get to know the people you’re doing activities with, and it will hopefully be less intimidating to ask for help. - Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Discord, PSN, voice chat, etc. This is not limited to the clan, we ask that you also treat others outside the clan and community kindly. You are not just representing yourself, you are representing Guardian Collective as well. - Our Discord is not a place for political, religious or otherwise agitating opinions. If content of this nature is posted, it will be moderated. If this sounds like you, please request to join the clan, please join our discord, read through #greetings and react with the emote, grab some roles in #role-assign, and start chatting! Discord: Clan Profile:



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