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10/8/2023 10:59:47 PM

Arcane Needle Unpowered/Powered Melee Bug

Hello, I am a steam player and I've recently noticed a bug with the broodweaver arcane needle melee when using unpowered & powered melee keybinds instead of auto melee keybinds. If you press powered melee intending to throw only one arcane needle, and then follow up with an unpowered melee, instead of throwing out an unpowered punch, it instead will use a subsequent charge of your powered melee and throw out a second arcane needle. This is really annoying when I only want to use one charge of my melee and follow up with an unpowered punch, since it really easily burns through my 2nd or even 3rd melee charges. I speculate that this is a special interaction because of the follow up special animation that arcane needle has when using multiple charges in quick succession. However, unpowered melee should still be able to override this so players don't accidently burn through melee charges. Hoping this is unintended and am making this post for visibility :)
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