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9/30/2023 7:53:48 PM

Welp, now I'm out a Deepsight Harmonizer with nothing to show for it. PSA: Don't do a dumb like me.

Okay, so I've been working of trying to unlock the Pattern for the [armory]Taipan-4FR[/armory] Linear Fusion Rifle with 1/2, and I just needed to get a second one to use the Deepsight Harmonizer consumable on. I finally got one as a drop today, and immediately used it... though the one I had just gotten was a bit higher power than the Masterworked one I already have with perks I preferred to the new one. I knew you could dismantle a weapon to extract the Pattern progress as well, so I thought, "Hey, two birds, one stone." Then proceeded to dismantle the new one with the Deepsight Harmonizer applied for infusion with my Masterworked Taipan-4FR. And it only raised the power level. The Pattern progress was not added, and I have no way to get that Exotic consumable back. So that... really sucks. I assume this is a bug, and hell, it might have been due to me infusing it with one I had already extracted the pattern from. Couldn't say. Either way I'm just kind of at a loss on what to do about it. TL:DR - Don't disassemble a weapon for infusion before extracting Pattern progress if it has Deepsight Resonance. You screw yourself out of that progress.



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