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由DrPhumbles編輯: 9/29/2023 4:17:09 AM

Change Kinetic Tremors on 900rpm SMGs back to 12 shots, 14 is overkill

Was Showrunner suddenly way out of band with Kinetic Tremors on it? You needed to land 12 shots to proc the perk anyway, and in PVP Kinetic tremors does almost no damage.....but it was at least fun. And every now and then it would help to melt a roaming super or something. Is there something I wasn't seeing with that gun that caused the Devs to change the Perk proc from 12 to 14 bullets so quickly? I think it was out for maybe a week before the change. I was having fun but in no way was I slaying out with it. Not sure what other's experiences were like, anyone think the gun was broken before?



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