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9/25/2023 6:15:54 PM

Recruiting for [BGWS]. We do all content! PVP/PVE Raids, Dungeons, GM nightfalls, Master Content and even Encounter/ Gear Farming. We have Sherpas Willing to Teach so all are welcome!. Discord, 21+ NA/EU crossplatform

Hi! We are [BGWS], A humble clan of mostly veteran Destiny 2 players that recently split from our old clan in an attempt to create a more positive/respectful community of Destiny players. Come Join us and be a part of our community! We do ALL pvp/pve content from: Dungeons, Raids, Master Content, PVP, Grandmasters, and efficient redborder farming, We are willing to teach! We have a full range of experienced and knowledgeable members looking for anyone with at least basic experience, meaning campaign completion. Even better if you've done a raid, or want to learn some raids :) _________________________________________ As it stands most of us are working on triumph completion/willing to help with triumph completion. We are NA based, EST/PST, Cross Platform We have a fully modded discord for Destiny 2 upgraded with bots and consistent event creation _________________________________________ Only Requirements:21+ , Have Discord and be CHILL. NO toxicity _________________________________________ If you would like to join, comment on this post AND message me on Destiny or CandyFlipper#6304 on Discord for access to Server or if you have any questions :) Lastly, please leave a like :)



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