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8/30/2023 10:33:31 PM

Scorn Crossbows doing too much damage again

PLATFORM: Steam ISSUE: Scorn Crossbows are one-shotting 100 Resilience Guardians with 2x Void resilience on Legend+ Nightfall (and Legend Spire of Savathun) under Void Threat. Even in a Well of Radiance, you take 90%ish of your healthbar from one scron crossbow shot. REPRO STEPS: Go into a Legend+ activity with Scorn Crossbows and Void Threat, with 100 resilience and void resist mods in the chest ACTUAL RESULT: Get one-shot by scorn crossbows constantly EXPECTED RESULT: Maybe 50%-80% health with 100 resilience + 1-2 void resist mods, NOTES: Seems different from the FPS issue that the crossbows had at the beginning of Witch Queen, I turned my fps cap on to 30, and still got one-shot.



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