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ZOTL - Come Join us!

Hey all! We are Zealots of The Lament and we are casual Destiny 2 clan (with some other games too) who are from around Europe (UTC+1). We are primarily PC but welcome any platform. We are a small English speaking, EU Clan with a majoritive focus on PvE; due to our own responsibilities IRL (Full time work and/ or studying) we only impose a 3 month activity policy: despite this, we have a core group who are very active. There are regular raiding groups, dungeon runs and general content. If you want to do a particular activity, just ask and some of the others will join you. If you are looking for a chilled place to go to after work and play some games, you're more than welcome to join. If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord: Have a magical day!



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