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8/27/2023 4:12:43 PM

New LGBTQ+ Clan looking for active members! [PS] [XBOX] [PC]

Paracausal Rainbow League is a new LGBTQ+ focused clan, made for and by the community! We are North America based but open to anyone who plays during our timezones. Tired of risky LFGs? Our goal is to keep a safe space for our members to thrive and grow in. We do tons of endgame content like raids, dungeons, and grand masters. We also do all of the seasonal and playlist activities as well! We love doing teaching runs for endgame, so if you're looking to get into any, jump on in! New and veteran guardians are totally welcome! A lot of us are just casual gamers who play to socialize/hang out at the same time. Be it a wellspring, salvage, nightfall, or while farming a dungeon encounter for a weapon/armor drop. Our clan is crossplay friendly, we have a discord with voice channels and tons of resources for in-game and for everyone to talk about various content (lore, fashion, buildcrafting, etc). While we encourage voicechat and having a mic, it is not a requirement. We do ask that you use keyboard and fireteam text chat in that case so we can still communicate <3 comment, dm, or request to join the clan! Can send a discord invite to non-clan members too if you wanna check us out! Just keep in mind we are still growing ;)



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