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8/26/2023 6:02:08 PM

ATTENTION: Misleading, fix Mr. Rahool's Focused Decoding

Mr. Rahool's Focused Engrams needs fixed. 1. Misguidance set for new lights on exotics they wish to acquire. 2. Misguidance on how hard-earned in-game currency is guaranteed to be spent on something NOT a "surprise bag" kinda deal, like at those arcades where you don't know what you're winning. 3. Rahool's service per Bungie's unspoken set expectations guarantees armor from THAT season. It's not a grab bag. 4. If you're that worried about "smaller pools" for exotics from a season or two, make a grab-bag solution instead of misguiding players on their spendings. I've lost over TEN golf balls trying to get better assassins cowl roles.



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