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8/22/2023 10:14:49 AM

[All Platforms] 18+ RESU is looking for new members!

Pocket Resurgence is looking for new members who like socialising and making new friends while shooting aliens in style! Calling all players whether you are a new player or a veteran who wants a more family-oriented social space, we are a community that does activities together so don’t be afraid to jump on with other members. This is a more PvE-focused clan but you are welcome to do some PvP, there are people here who share your interests. We have Sherpas to help teach endgame content and it doesn’t matter if you are new or a veteran, we will be happy to help you get that first clear. There are no platform or region restrictions here. Most members are on the EU side. Anyone is welcome. You don't have to own all the DLCs. Requirements: ✧ 18+ ✧ Access to Discord/VC’s ✧ Involve yourself in Discord every now and then (This is a social and friend-making clan, so most activities are to talk/hang with other members) ✧ Show respect to members (This is a space for people to relax after work or after a long day to relax and have fun with members) If this clan seems like a perfect fit for you send a dm or reply below See you starside Guardian!



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