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8/15/2023 1:12:09 AM

New LGBTQ+ Clan! [Paracausal Rainbow League]

Hi Hi! We just started a new LGBTQ+ clan, for and by the community, based out of North America! looking for active new and veteran guardians! We are mostly PVE centered and really enjoy doing endgame content like raids, dungeons, and grand masters. But don't worry we also enjoy regular playlist and seasonal/storyline activities as well. Hoping to be able to have enough active members so that we can all do various activities together. Our goal is to foster a safe space for each other to grow and play together, share builds, techniques, strategies, and so on! To ensure it's a safe space we do have a zero tolerance policy for bigotry, transphobia, racism, -blam!-, and -blam!-. If you already have a clan but are interested in our group still, we do have a server! Just DM for a server invite link. <3



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