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8/11/2023 2:27:15 PM

Come visit SGG [Singapore Guardians] !! PC, GMT +8, SEA Region

Proudly existing since D2 Year 1 Fun-loving, wacky crew enjoying Destiny 2 (and other games) together. If you love to try the funni & poops and giggles, hop on our discord server! (Dark humor included). We play in the GMT +8 time zone !! Not sure if SGG is for you? Hop onto our discord server & vibe-check us! What we offer: ♦ Day one raids ♦ Raid sherpas ♦ GM Nightfalls ♦ Iron banana ♦ Eager-edging ♦ Death under mysterious circumstances (in-game) ♦ Friendship ♦ Highball Condition: ♪ Be a decent human being ♫ Have a sense of humor ‼ Have a mic (kick ban romelo) Discord server: [url][/url] Clan page: [url][/url]



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