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LF Scout for Next Reprisal Raid

We are looking for a scout(s) for the next reprisal raid next season. [b][u]The teams standard goal is to place top 100 [/u][/b] Requirements: - We require the individual to have at least one day 1 tag from any non-sunset raid. - Good communication skills and strong game knowledge - PC preferred We ask for this as this shows you have experience in day 1s already and you may need to sub in if anything unexpected happens, you may also need to join in for practice raids if anyone is absent. Once the team has got the challenge clear we will re-clear the raid with the scout(s) to get their challenge clear. If this interests you, DM me on discord [b]@maximuscairns[/b] with you’re RR and I’ll give you more info about the team and other things.



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