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由Talia Sendua編輯: 7/4/2023 11:26:52 AM

Bungie, can you PLEASE add game graphics options to reduce ALLIED particle effects from rendering?

I am so tired of constantly not seeing anything in Crucible because of all the ability spam of my team mates. Who the hell needs this info anyways? Literally no one who cares about clear gameplay visuals needs the graphical effects of grenades, AoE and bullet particles [b]of allied players[/b] being shown in full detail. At this point even an ally throwing a Vortex grenade next to me can become as blinding as a ranged smoke grenade (not standing inside of it). Even weapons with a "thermal" visor won't help much to counter this issue. Please give us game options to graphically reduce the particle effects of allied grenades, supers, melees, AoE and all related things if want to. I shouldn't be line of sight blinded by graphical VFX from another player in my team. Because for some of us it is actually handicapping our performance in the game. Not to mention what a relief it is for players GPUs to have stuff being rendered at less detail. It would not just make the game more playable for some but actually allow players to save performance on stuff they don't care about being rendered fully.



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