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7/1/2023 10:28:08 PM

Daily player looking for clan

**Looking for a clan:** * **Your system(s):** Playstation 5 * **Your Gamertag:** Meta-4#5791 * **Your country/time zone:** United States, Mountain Time * **When do you usually play:** Weekdays 5pm mt-10pm mt, Weekends 11am mt-11pm mt * **Tell us a bit about yourself:** I play everyday and enjoy end game content the most. Nightfall Report- Raid Report- Dungeon Report- When I'm not playing Destiny I'm enjoying movies, television, food, card games, and other games. * **What are you looking for in a clan:** Looking for an end game PvE clan that is extremely active in game and on Discord with no cliques. High skilled players running raids, dungeons, grandmasters, titles, and quests daily. High skilled players to learn from and improve with.



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