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Dreaming City missing skybox

[b](Before anyone jumps on me, I'm fairly certain this isn't a hardware issue. Several of my friends have reported seeing the same thing. But if it DOES turn out that we all somehow had a graphics setting ticked that caused this issue, we can all have a good laugh about it.)[/b] For the past few seasons, the skybox in some areas of the Dreaming City has been missing/strange. Affected areas are The Strand, Gardens of Esila, Spine of Keres, and the Ascendant Plane in the Heroic version of the Rift Generator public event. I originally created this as a thread on Twitter, which is linked, but I also wanted to put it here for slightly better visibility. Here are direct links to all of the screenshots in the aforementioned Twitter thread: - [url=]The Strand + Heroic Rift Generator public event.[/url] - [url=]Spine of Keres.[/url] (Fourth image is of a wall that appears near the spawn point during the Dreaming City's introductory mission in Forsaken.) - [url=]Gardens of Esila[/url] I tried to capture screenshots of the skybox where I [i]know[/i] there's supposed to be something in order to show how each area on the map is affected. If memory serves, this started around Season of the Seraph. I assumed it was on Bungie's radar, and no one else had mentioned it anywhere, so I didn't post about it. Though a few of my friends have admitted to seeing the same thing when they go to the Dreaming City. I know it's just a skybox, so it's not that important, but it'd still be nice to see it get fixed sometime soon, as it's my favorite patrol area in the game. If anyone else has run into this issue, feel free to comment below.



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