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New Casual Clan Discord Not Required

The Knights Who Ni Brand new, casual clan that does not have much in the way of requirements. No need to worry about discord and what not. Join for the clan XP bonuses and find some people to make your regular raid/dungeon group out of. We are a group of buddies who met in the original Destiny launch days who became tired of clans that were ran like fortune 500 companies with requirements and mandatory social events. Our focus is mainly on PVE and PVE endgame content and we just want some people to play with routinely. If we want to feel bad about ourselves we will PVP too. The clan is open so come on in. This baby can fit so many new people its unreal. Requirements: - Some patience. - A sprinkle of humor. - Good to excellent credit rating at Equifax or any major credit bureau. Will be checking. - Valid forklift certifications. Strongly recommended, not required. - Not mean. Hard requirement. Link:



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