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6/15/2023 10:08:06 PM

Season of the Dripless contest

The #DrownInTheDrip had many guardians across the globe excited the share and show off their super cool, fun, and unique fashion. I personally submitted 6 different designs I spent hours over the course of the season working on. Awaiting the newly branded “TWID” for the results, come to find out myself and many other amazing fashions were passed over for copy cat, unoriginal and boring designs. Not all but specifically the Patrick Star, The Mask, as well as the Yoda l (2 of which are copies of a previous fashion contest winner). It’s so disheartening for players that invested so much time, thought and care into these fun, unique designs when people who watch a “Fashion Tutorial” on YouTube get selected for the designs they never even created in the first place. In a state of the game that isn’t really doing any particular thing great, has me having second thoughts about the amount of time I invested into this game I used to love. What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear and hopefully Bungie can explain their selections.



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