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6/16/2023 12:35:06 AM

The Judgers

Hey people of the community. I am ForeverIsekai(psn-TheGamingTigre) an admin of my clan as well as founder in a discord for our clan. I'm going to be short and sweet. We aren't sweaty but we have sweats. We aren't noobs but we have new people. Our clan is something that can be a comfortable place for all experiences and play preferences. We only ask that the person is 18+ or brings a parent or guardian with them as we have several members that have kids in the clan. Maturity is a must. Our clan is primarily in the Est time zone but have had people from all over the world. If interested in Joining just request and ill send you a link to our discord so you can get a feel of the place if you are interest. Thank you for your time, Tigre



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