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6/7/2023 4:52:06 PM

We Looking for some more Playstation players to be part of clan

Don't join big clans, or you will get left out because I guarantee that will happen it happened to me. I was in a clan of 100 people. But then the favouritism started, where it was always the same six raiding and appearing offline to hide the gamertags. This is the reason why I started up a new clan we are( Reservoir war beasts) be a part of our clan and get good friendship and support. We want to keep it small. Reservoir war beasts we are small at the moment. There are only 14 of us. we plan to get up to 18 members at softcap and 25 at the max level .we can help with anything that you need help with. Also, we are old school, we don't use Discord, we use destiny chat, or if PSN, we'd set a party chat up or game chat. Looking for UK players and US players and Australian players to be active at least once a week, Clan is invite only , please add your other members. Also, we are all PlayStation players, but anyone is welcome, but we prefer PlayStation players because it'll will be easy to communicate with each other. Help with levelling up Dungeon training Eventually, learn raids Grandmaster nightfall and legend nightfall Dares of Eternity legend and other 6 players' actives Exotic quests Help with getting catalysts If you're interested, please message me, but like I said, anybody light level.



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