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[PC] Burn Them Red in the Clan <Eternal Crimson>

[i]Eternal Crimson[/i] is recruiting in order to peak its clan activity and success with each consecutive season. I am here to encourage you to explore my clan and determine if it fits you. I'm lookin' for players that love the game and want to spend most of their free time with it. [i]Destiny[/i] has its dry spells, but for most of us, it always rises again and brings us back. This clan is a place with people you can connect with and cooperate with when you're putting a ton of time into [i]Destiny[/i], and a clan you can reliably come back to after the game has come out of its content slumber, time and time again. This part is important: We're advocating for players that are competent, social, and active. We want to spend most of our time in PVE, but we've always had clan members that enjoy [i]the Crucible[/i], and are very skilled in there. Players joining our clan are expected to play all or most PVE content, but should feel comfortable in our clan if they enjoy [u]all[/u] of Destiny's content. Whichever activity you're doing in our clan, you should want to do it with other clan members! Read on to see how we do things in [i]Eternal Crimson[/i], and if this clan is a good fit for you. [i]Eternal Crimson[/i] strives to ensure that there is no wasted space in the roster. [u]Extremely inactive or nonsocial players won't remain in our clan for long[/u] (this doesn't include communicated absences). If you're reading about our clan, it should come as no surprise to you that [u]we have a mandatory discord server.[/u] It's my goal that you'll appreciate our community, the discord's ease of use, and how we sync up with each other in game through it. Keep in mind that [u]it is required of all clan members to be active and social.[/u] If you want to join our clan we expect the following from you: [i]- You always own the current available expansion and season pass and can participate in all Destiny 2 activities. - You'll join the discord and not be extremely inactive or nonsocial. - You like challenging content in Destiny, and you are always ready to adapt to the situation in front of you. - You want to tackle that content with a cooperative group of players like yourself. - You especially enjoy replaying raids in Destiny regardless of loot. - You consider yourself to be efficient or you want to learn how to be efficient in Destiny's activities. - We expect you to expect the same of the above from the rest of us.[/i] If you join our clan you should expect the following from the clan: - [i]As many raid clears as you need in a given week (including, and especially, higher difficulty challenges). - Other members looking to do any activity in the game ([u]Endgame or Crucible[/u]) at any given time. - Other members to increase their power level at a fairly active pace. - Other members fully utilizing the Discord server.[/i] Let me remind you that [u]our clan originates in North America and primarily consists of PC players[/u], but we'd love to have anyone from anywhere or any platform that fits what I've written above. [u]If you've got questions or interest[/u], you can message me here by clicking on my avatar or sending a friend request to the Discord username Blaze#0301. [u]You can read -about us-[/u] at our profile page (you can also request to join there). I recommend you do!



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