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5/19/2023 4:49:45 AM

Hall of Whispers is recruiting / discord / 18+

───────────────────── ✦ Hall of Whispers ✦ ──────────────────────── [i]Yes another clan is recruiting, We just started. As of today. We are a small group of friends. A small group of ladies and gents. I will try and keep this short because I know how much everyone hates reading big massive posts. We actually give a dang. We are actually dope. We care more about making friends more then we do about how big the clan is. We are actually good people who roast each other and enjoy being around each other. So If you want an actual group of buds instead of a clan that has 10+ other clans then continue reading.[/i] ------------------------------->>> <<<------------------------------- ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ∘[b] [u]What we offer[/u][/b] ∘[b] Weekly Raids / Raid Challenges ∘ Nightfall / Grandmasters ∘ Triumphs / Titles ∘ Non Sweaty Private Matches ∘ Weekly gross clan engrams ∘ Organized [url=server][/url] <- click that ∘ Seasonal Challenges ∘ Non Basic [url=server][/url] giveaways ∘ Much much more! [/b] ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── [i]Here in this community we do not tolerate, or discriminate against anyone based on the color of there skin, there gender, there religion, or there intimate orientation. But we will laugh at how ugly or good your character looks.[/i] :} ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ➽[b][u]Requirements[/u][/b] [b]➽ To have a sense of humor. We enjoy having fun when we play together, Part of that is roasting each other, Making fun of each other. In friendly ways. ➽ Light level 1815+. ➽ A microphone of decent or understandable quality. We would really enjoy talking to our chums, as well as having communication in some more difficult content. ➽ Owning all the DLC. ➽ 1 year minimum on the game, which means no new lights, sorry. ➽ Hold your own. Most of the content in this game is years old, There is absolutely 0 reason that someone needs to hold your hand through a raid made 7 years ago. ➽ Having discord, Being in our [url=server][/url], As well as being active in our [url=server][/url]. We are a community first focus. All members are expected to play and engage with the clan before pursuing LFGs as a means of filling fireteams.[/b] ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── [i] We welcome all and any females who need a place to hang, chill or game. We also play other games. You are more than welcome to join us for other games.[/i]



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