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4/20/2023 12:37:25 PM

Bungie, can you please make a news-board in the character selection like real MMORPGs?

An actual "news" menu section or display on the login screen would REALLY help with upcoming maintenance and downtimes. [url=]Elder Scrolls Online has it[/url] as a news section [url=]World of Warcraft has it[/url] as a news section ingame [url=]AND their launcher[/url] Even damn [url=]Warframe has it[/url] and Warframe is probably the closest to Destiny from those 3 examples. Meanwhile you (Bungie) have to rely on your own website, Twitter, your Destiny companion app and a one-time ingame pop-up (that this time came up 1h before maintenance ingame). What is so hard to make a "New in Destiny" news section with point outs to TWABs, Maintenance and Patch notes? Why do people have to look up stuff [b]outside[/b] the game that is [b]relevant for the game[/b]? People like me don't use Twitter most of the time. My twitter account is lucky to get looked at even once per month. I don't use the companion app anymore. And your mainpage does a horrible job at telegraphing us players when the next maintenance will be on first glance outside of the maintenance day. We have to either wait for the pop-up bar on maintenance day or check the last TWAB for the info. I don't get it why a news section is not a thing in this game yet. It doesn't hurt your minimalistic login screen UI in any way and only helps the players to better understand what is going on. Even a simple orange text box below the character selection with a rough timer like [url=]"XY hours, YZ minutes til maintenance"[/url] would be enough for most as indicator 2 days before maintenance. Just saying.



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