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4/12/2023 7:47:53 PM

New Community Server Looking to Build

[b]PC/XBOX/PSN[/b] Discord required + access to voice channels [b]Join Here:[/b] [b]Anarchy [A][/b] [b]Who?[/b] We are a brand new community server looking to grow and make the best server to hang out, find a clan, or get a team to get anything done. We have features to cater to all different types of players whether you’re a Newlight or a Seasoned Vet. Our leaders are some of the most experienced when it comes to Destiny and Discord in order to cater an experience for all players. Everyone is welcome! [b]Upcoming[/b] Things are just getting started but soon enough we plan on having all sorts of events including: giveaways, teaching runs for raids, contests, and both PvP and PvE tournaments for members to earn sweet rewards. [b]Upvote this post and join the link below to get started[/b]



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