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4/4/2023 7:54:00 AM

Struggling with Lightfall's Difficulty Hikes? Need other Guardians to lend a helping hand? Want to enjoy the game again? Well Reaper Division are now recruiting for hardcores and casuals alike! (16+)

Reaper Division is a Small Cross-platform Clan of around 20 people looking to open our doors to new blood! Are you a longtime player of D2, looking to engage with a welcoming community of fellow enthusiasts? We can provide that! Are you a fresh or struggling player, looking to learn how to build up knowledge and skill in this harder D2 landscape? We can provide that! Or are you just someone looking to make new friends with neat people? We can definitely provide that! So what are you waiting for? Join our discord and jump headlong into a better way to play! {Note: The clan is 16+, 15 or younger need not apply}



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