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4/1/2023 3:52:35 AM

30 Bucks for the Last Mission of a Campaign?

So yesterday I purchased Beyond Light to start catching up on all the content I missed (I stopped playing after season 11/Shadowkeep), so I paid the 30 bucks hoping I would do a whole new campaign that would take me multiple days to grind and many quests and side missions. However, after completing what I think is all to offer, it has only taken me like 10 hours. Basically the first mission is going and hunting down Eramis, during which you can already see that she is frozen in the back of the map, and then you spend the rest of the "campaign" exploring Europa using stasis to fully unlock it. That is what it seems to be to me, am I missing something? The only other quests I have is the exotic quest for Lament, which I am doing now, and then some small ones for amor pieces from the Fallen guy. Just kind of disappointed that 30 bucks bought be 10 hours of play, skipping an entire story in the process. I'm glad I have access to the raid, but it kinda feels like I just spent the money for a new non meta subclass and a pretty good raid, definitely could have cost me less though. Is this the same deal with Witch Queen? Because if it is I'll skip that and go straight to Neptune.



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