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3/27/2023 8:48:16 AM


Hey everyone, Aoi No Kaze [AnK] is a small and laidback Singapore-based clan [GMT+8] with about 10-ish members currently. We aim to keep the clan relatively small (15-20 members) for a more close-knit Destiny experience where everyone can get comfortable with each other and most importantly, have fun! There are no fixed schedules, we mostly try out raids at night on weekends and occasionally on weekdays. Don't be shy to ask for help or to create and organize anything you want to do. Most of us have only just started trying our first raids, but we plan to keep it going! We're looking for mature, active, chill and laidback guardians who are interested in trying out and learning endgame PVE content with us, specifically raids and nightfalls. But we are open to doing anything in the game! Our only [b]requirements[/b] are that you: - Speak [u]English[/u]. - Be respectful. - Have a mic, don't be shy, we're friendly! - Have the willingness to participate and learn. - Exercise patience and kindness as we learn new things together! If you're interested in what you've read so far, and want to learn, grow and create a small community with us, join our discord to get started!



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