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3/13/2023 1:35:38 AM

EDZ Locked Out

I was doing the 'spark of hope' quest with my boyfriend, he was the leader in the party. I've done the tasks needed to be done to unlock EDZ and orginally it was already unlocked. We left the mission for another day and I don't know for how long but when i go back to do the mission I'm locked out of it and I can't get back into EDZ and i don't know why. Under my assumption, in the video provided, it could be possible I missed a task during the quest because it says 0% progress, I could of sworn i have done it but it says 0% so i can't regardless, i cant even fix it or try to gain progress points back for that one because im locked out of EDZ. If my boyfriend completed the requred task and I didnt but moved onto the next one with him, does that mean the step skipped itself and bugged out causing it the lock me out? Because i can't do any quests that requires EDZ anymore and i dont know how to fix this. (side note, is there no search engine for finding problems regarding my own? all though there are topics for selections such as networking, game issues...etc, it would be easier to find problems regarding my own so i can see if i can fix it before using the forums, im new and first time creating any forums and i dont understand much on how this works, i'm sorry)



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