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3/11/2023 7:52:01 PM

We need more weapon patterns! Plz?

Currently the craftable weapon pool is still very small, limited to seasonal weapons, raid weapons (but only Kingsfall, Deepstone, and Root of Nightmares), a handful of dungeon weapons from Spire and Daulity, Throne World and Neomuna weapons, as well as a few exotics. It sounds like a lot, but the variety is still very limited when it comes to individual weapon types. I know the system is still relatively new and the devs are still tweaking things, but we could desperately use some more weapon patterns in general. So I pose the question to community, what weapons do you think should be craftable? If you ask me, all the major expansion weapons from Europa, the Moon, and Dreaming City would be a great start to add to the crafting pool, as they already have reliable ways to acquire them. Making them craftabke would bring them up to par with recent expansions, also be nice to give them their own unique origin traits as well as updated perk pools. Furthermore older dungeons like Shattered Throne and Pit of Heresy should be revamped with all new redboarder weapons, not just repeats of existing world drops. Dungeons like Grasp of Avarice and Prophecy should have their unique weapon drops updated to be craftable. Likewise they should be brought up to speed with unique origin traits and updated perk pools. Lastly basic foundry weapons from Veist, Omolon, Hakke, Suros should make up a basic kit of obtainable weapon patterns. Whether those come from world drops or are tied the Guardian rank system to give players a better incentive to interact with Guardian Ranks. (For example defeat x combatants with viest weapons to unlock Veist Weapon Patterns) What do you guys think though? What weapons would you want to see become craftable?



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