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3/4/2023 3:41:55 PM

Remove unobtainable triumphs from active triumphs section

The Wanted Bounties from Spider are not moved into the legacy triumphs section, in stead they are still in the active triumphs section even tho they have not been obtainable for a year already. The same goes for a couple of Iron Banner triumphs, which are not obtainable anymore after Season of the Risen. This way I cant get max triumphs score, and this is kinda emberassing and makes it useless to go for triumph since it prevents us to reach a high triumphs score if we didnt obtain it before it became unobtainable. Please move the unobtainable triumphs into legacy section, since I cant get max triumphs score now because of it. Its not fair, and totally bugs me and others out Triumphs WANTED—Lost Sectors (Bounties) and WANTED—Free Roam in both Nessus and EDZ Iron Banner - complete bounties - not obtainable since season of risen



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