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2/13/2023 6:47:56 AM

Can We Get Control and Clash In Selectable Modes Again?

I'm doing bounties for crucible right now and one of my bounties is to capture 3 zones in control. Easy enough, right? However, since control isn't it's own selectable mode anymore, I have to go through quickplay and hope I get control. For 6 games straight, I get clash, and after each one I back out and reload quickplay in hopes I get it. However, after the 6th game I left, I got a quickplay suspension. Bungie, I understand you guys want to stop people from leaving games, but when we are doing mode specific quests or bounties, and you aren't giving us the option to select the mode, it's a bit annoying. Now after my suspension is up, I will literally have to play every game, even if it is clash instead of control, so that I avoid another longer suspension...



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