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2/7/2023 5:44:57 PM

House of Femboys - A Clan for Feminine Guardians

Hello! I am Takua, Kell of the House of Femboys. We're a clan that is focused on being a community for Feminine members of the Destiny community. Femboys, Transwomen, Women, or just femme people in general are welcome! And if you're none of those, you're still welcome too! We strive to be a very positive, toxicity-free community with a number of fun events planned for the future. We are international and cross-platform. We are involved with every facet of the game, PVP and PVE, and harbor casual and hardcore players. Let's get that loot! [url=]House of Femboys Clan Page[/url] [url=]Our Clan Discord[/url]



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