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Are you looking for an Endgame PVE Clan, with a fully built out discord server, daily active LFG chat, Fashion Shows, Day One Raids, GMs, Sherpas, and Much more? Then Graced maybe the perfect pick for you!

Hello Guardian, I see you read the title and I successfully peaked your interest and you want to know more! Graced has been operating as a Clan since late 2020. We have gone through some leader changes, some ups and downs, but I always tried my best to keep the clan alive, and we have done an awesome job doing such a thing! We offer our skills to all players alike, Are you new to the game? Looking for a cool clan name under your in-game name? Looking to laugh with a great community and have some awesome interactions? I promise you we wont disappoint! [b]Top 3 objectives for our admin team.[/b] 1. A welcoming group of people who uphold the respect for new members 2. A support chat and helpful admin team! 3. Professionalism [b]What to Expect:[/b] 1. A welcoming community who are all trying to escape reality together. 2. Weekly Raids! Usually done on Tuesday at around 8PM EST. 3. Weekend Trials and other PVP Related events. 4. Saturday Night Game Nights (Featuring a party game of the players choosing for the night) 5. End of Season Clan “DRIP-OFFS”, think of a fashion show with different themes. A prize of a $25 Dollar Steam gift is provided to the winner. (THIS SEASONS PRIZE IS GOING TO BE A COPY OF LIGHTFALL or a gift card for the preferred system) 6. A Fully used LFG chat in the server for help with activities! The chat is very active and always has someone looking for help in there. 7. A hell of a good time, whether we are memeing in PVP or roasting each other after a “great damage phase” on Caretaker. We are always laughing! If you have any questions feel free to message here, join the discord server and use the public support chat, I'm sure someone can lend a hand to join. If you read this far and are looking for a [b]DAY ONE[/b] team, we offer a service where we try match up members of the clan with other similar skilled players for the Lightfall raid. These are the Tiers for joining. [b]1. Tier 1 or team “A”[/b] The requirements to join “A” are using destiny recipes must have a score over 350+ combined total score, Given the notice this should be achievable for anyone who is mildly thinking about going for Day One. The second requirement will be doing a raid test, This will be held on Vow of the Disciple on Master and will need to be done in Sub 2 hours. A raid report and dungeon report will also need to be sent, this will be used to track other clears and other achievements. [b]2. Tier 2 or Team “B”[/b] The requirements to join “B” using destiny recipes and must have a score around 250-350 combined total score. The second requirement should be a raid test of some sort, this will be held by the team at their leisure, the more serious the team takes the prep the better off they will be for the day one race and attempt. A raid and dungeon report will be sent, this will be used to pick the members, these members will have on average 35-70 clears. [b]3. Tier 3 and above (DEPENDING ON MEMBERS)[/b] The requirements to join this will be very lenient compared to the others. I hope to see you in the Discord server!



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