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1/19/2023 3:10:08 AM

Volatile Rounds Nerf?

I'm a hunter main and I admit I used retrofit escapade with gyrfalcon's hauberk. It was fun but I expected a nerf because it was really strong with volatile. I sort of knew that the gun itself wouldn't be nerfed but volatile rounds instead. It looks like I was right. I don't have an issue with retrofit escapade not being that great anymore (yay linear fusions....again....). What I do have issues with is repulsor brace was a viable option for PVE because of gyrfalcon's hauberk which is now harder to proc because of volatile. With the volatile change, minors die and then get volatile upon death and rarely get killed by volatile itself. If retrofit escapade was the reason for the change, can it not be changed back to what it was but change how much damage is needed to proc volatile from heavy machine guns? I feel like not only did you nerf retrofit escapade but also repulsor brace, collective obligation, gyrfalcon's hauberk and pretty much every other void weapon. I'll happily switch back to my arc build but I always preferred void. It's saddening.



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