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1/17/2023 1:50:45 PM

Missing Transmog Ornaments on Warlock (Deep Explorer Boots)

Issue: An ornament I unlocked through the loom/Ada-1 no longer appears in the list of available ornaments on my character, nor does it appear as one I can unlock again through transmog materials. I know I have unlocked the Deep Explorer Boots on this account. I have used that ornament for some time and only recently switched off of it for some of this season's armor. One pair of pants in my warlock's inventory still has the ornament currently equipped. Reproducible by inspecting any leg armor on my character or through the appearance customization window. Attempted a work around by equipping the ornament through Destiny Item Manager. DIM shows the item as unlocked on my account, but when attempting to equip it, it returns an error stating that I "cannot afford the material costs of that action," implying it tries to find the ornament in my inventory or account and comes up empty. Actual Result: Ornament simply does not appear as a selectable option, or appears in DIM but cannot be equipped when it attempts to communicate with the Destiny 2 servers. Intended Result: I should see the ornament available within the list of other ornaments unlocked on my account when inspecting my leg armor or the customization window. I know this is not the most game breaking of errors but I would like to be able to equip the ornaments I farmed for. I hope this can be resolved soon, and thank you.



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