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Genesis is a small, but growing community of Guardians primarily based in North America. We are an all-inclusive community that is open anyone looking for a place to call home, whether you just like to hang out in Discord chats, you like to play Destiny or another game. All kinds of people are welcome in our community, no matter your background, age, or level of experience. We are currently building up our clan for the launch of Lightfall so we can hit the ground running! We hope you'll consider joining us and playing a part in the creation of something great! [b]How to Join:[/b] [spoiler]1. Like this post. 2. Join our Discord, the link is above 3. Once you're in the Discord one of our Admins will invite you to the clan, if you wish to join it[/spoiler] [b]Requirements:[/b] [spoiler]- Discord participation is required for ALL members of Genesis - You MUST be willing to use voice chat when playing together for communications - We have a 2-week inactivity limit for our Destiny clan that is enforced, but we know sometimes the game gets dry and people take breaks, so we're very flexible with that and willing to work with you[/spoiler] [b]What's currently offered:[/b] [spoiler]- The ability to be part of our community, whether or not you are a member of our Destiny clan - Sherpas who can help guide you find something, learn the ropes, and help put together a good build on top of many other things they can help with - Admins whose top priority is the health of the community and keeping our members happy - Dedicated LFG channels that make it easy to schedule a run and group up with other members of the clan - A strong sense of community that brings us all together[/spoiler] [b]What's being worked on and will be offered soon:[/b] [spoiler]- Monthly community events with prizes - An "Arcade" section of our Discord with channels for other games that people are playing together - Weekly raid and dungeon academies for people who want to break into Destiny's late game - Guides for raids, dungeons and grandmaster nightfalls - Multiple clan divisions to choose from - A fully customizable Discord experience that lets you see only what you want to see[/spoiler] Thanks for taking the time to read our post, we hope to see you on the other side! Let me know if there's any questions you may have!



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