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The Dawnbreak is recruiting! Join up! ENDGAME FOCUSED CLAN

The Dawnbreak is looking to add a few new members to its ranks! With Lightfall now just around the corner, this will be a good time to join up and prepare for what the Witness has in store for us! We focus on helping each other, and building trust and friendship. Destiny has brought us all together and most of us have been playing together for years. We accomplish a lot together from flawless raids, to grandmaster nightfalls to even visiting an old friend at the lighthouse; We are very endgame focused! We will even chase after raid challenges and triumphs! We don't ask for much. We just ask that you be respectful, be kind and have the desire to help others and become better guardians with us. We are looking for guardians that are higher in light/power and are done with the main story quests. We can help with raids or any triumphs or challenges you are looking to complete. We have multiple raid sherpas and experts in PvE and PVP to help with whatever you need. Most of us are NA EST time zone and a few are in UK GMT. We may ask to mic up and play with you before we add you to the clan. Direct message Antares_AlphaTau or Sir_Twiggens on Bungie or PSN if you are interested in joining. We hope to hear from you! -Antares and Sir Twiggens



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