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12/9/2022 6:40:08 PM

Requesting Red Bordered Seasonal Weapon Reduction from 5 to 3

As someone who has a full time job and other IRL obligations, I find it tough to grind each season to get 5 (random chance until you rank up the vendor) red bordered drops of each seasonal weapon. Then I have to craft and level it, which is already grindy enough (especially for a sniper, shotgun or bow). Is it possible to reduce the required patterns from 5 to 3? Either that or maybe increase the likelihood of getting a red bordered weapon of something you don't yet have? Example: I've already crafted a No Reprieve shotgun (which I absolutely LOVE), but I honestly don't need 3 more red borderes of it to drop while I still haven't gotten my 5th Tarnished Mettle. I'm not sure how tough that is to code, or if it's even feasible, but a reduction in the amount of patterns needed for these seasonal weapons could help make things more obtainable for those of us who aren't on 24/7. On the upside, I do feel the red bordered raid weapons are fine at 5, since they are more obtainable (for me) due to the symbol shooting for the red bordered chest at the end, and the ability to buy one each week, even if you haven't ranked anything up.



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