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12/8/2022 1:43:04 PM

A few annoying things I realized in Team Quickplay playlist

* Intro sequence can be bugged, playing the intro wrong (will report that by time in the bug forums!) * Clash is the mode I have the least fun with because all the people that suck at Control slay out there and spawns suck more than in control * Control is the mode I have the most fun with because mostly all the people that are good in Clash suck in Control * Long Range Weapon right now feel too strong, rendering close range primaries like sidearms, smgs and auto rifles almost useless (granted, we are in the wake of sandbox changes and a new meta will form soon) * It is not fun to have no map voting (how surprising) when Clash and Control are the only modes in Team Quickplay. Some maps just don't work that well for one or the other mode as they should. * It seems flinch on controller is worse than before, even with targeting/flinch mods slotted.



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