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11/5/2022 7:01:41 PM

Will my DLCs work on another user/account on PS5?

Hi everyone. Got an interesting situation. Please advice. I'm from Kazakhstan but my Playstation account was created as a Russian region account. Such accounts are locked now due to the war Russia started in Ukraine. The reason the account wasn't from my home country is simple - Sony doesn't know about Kazakhstan so I wasn't able to choose it when I created an account. So now, since, Russian accounts aren't able to purchase anything in PSN, I created a new Turkish account and would like to play Destiny 2. I'd like to purchase the full Destiny 2 bundle, but I'm not sure these DLCs and my progress will be available for me on my primary Playstation account. I got 2 accounts on my PS5, and all purchased games work on both but I'm not sure about DLCs and expansions such as Beyond Light, Forsaken, etc. So please, advise if Turkish account DLCs work on another account without DLCs purchased. My primary platform is PC though, but I'd like to play on Playstation as well.



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