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11/5/2022 3:02:15 AM

Quitting Penalties Are Misguided

I understand the logic behind quitting penalties, especially in PVP modes like Survival or Trials Of Osiris, but placing them in control is not the right move. Not only is sbmm an annoying system to deal with in any game with pvp, but having quitting penalties that are extremely strict in control is excessive. If you randomly get disconnected, like I did, why does it not give you the option to rejoin in Control? It gives me that option in Nightfalls or even the seasonal activities like Expedition and Ketchcrash so clearly the game is able to recognize the difference between pulling out your Ghost and leaving and getting a Disconnection notice and sent back to the login screen. And then after getting disconnected from control only twice out of maybe 20 games of recent memory I get timed out, that doesn't sound a bit unbalanced or excessive at all to you? that's like failing the whole class after missing two small homework assignments because you were absent.



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