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9/29/2022 3:38:00 AM

Saladin`s Wolves Community and LFG Looking for active members - all clans with WOLF tag can contact me to creare a alliance-all streamers can contact me

[b]Do you play Destiny 2?[/b] [i][b]Saladin`s Wolves Community and LFG[/b][/i] [u][b]Our Motto :[/b][/u] For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack [u][b]Clan name:[/b][/u] Saladin`s Wolves [u][b]Systems:[/b][/u] All Platforms/Crossplay [u][b]Language:[/b] [/u]/English/Romanian [b]We are a pack of Saladin veteran wolves, with a great passion for Destiny 2 and its universe.[/b] [i][b]If you share our passion and want to join the pack, whether or not you have experience with the game, here's what we'll offer in return:[/b][/i] [i]- A cheerful group full of nice people, ready to help wherever you got stuck - Wolves for weekly raids with a mix between experienced people (sherpas) and people with less experience. Super chill atmosphere. - Wolves for PVP, whether it's Trials, Survival or Iron Banner. We have people eager to team up with you. - Wolves for Master Nightfall and other high difficulty end-game activities. - LFG for all destiny 2 players, regardless of the clan you belong to or the platform you play on. - Auto - Roles that reflect your evolution on Destiny 2 - Auto Seal (Titles you got on Destiny 2)[/i] [i][b]If you like the sound of this and you want to join the pack, here’s what we expect from you:[/b][/i] [i]- Involvement (activity) on the Discord server, where we have dedicated channels on various topics of interest. - In-game activities and interaction with clan members.[/i] Discord is highly encouraged if you like to make with us :raids/gm/pvp/end-game ...etc) That's all! [b]If you are a cool guardian do us a favor and [/b] [u][b]UPVOTE[/b][/u] this comment This keeps us trending, so more guardians can join us. [b]Would you like to join?[/b] You can find more details on our Discord server : (IN ORDER TO JOIN THE CLAN YOU MUST JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER FIRST - where you will find more details about us) [i][b]If you are stuck, do not hesitate to use support-ticket - from our server[/b][/i] Iron Wolves wants to expand into a community full of players interested in our favorite game Destiny 2. We want to connect as many clans as possible to work with A place where you can feel comfortable and where you won't be ashamed or frustrated that you haven't raided before. Come and help us become known. [u][i][b]About Saladin Wolves LFG :[/b][/i][/u] We want to implement on our server an lfg system that can be used by any Destiny 2 player, regardless of the platform on which they play. We want to create a pleasant environment for all Destiny 2 players in this virtual world. [i][b]All Destiny Streamers from the entire Bungie community can advertise on our discord server [/b][/i]



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