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Hellas Basin Brewery is selectively recruiting! [BREW] [21+]

Hellas Basin Brewery is recruiting adult guardians with an endgame focus. At [i]Hellas Basin Brewery[/i] we strive to excel in endgame areas of Destiny 2. With a focus on scheduling larger activities and communication the community works together to accomplish pinnacles, seals, raids, triumphs and endgame pvp. We have a well established discord where all members can interact, check stats, request scheduled events, or meme around. HBB offers a Sherpa program for guardians that like to complete new content, but generally prefer applicants that have baseline knowledge of game mechanics and some experience with Destiny 2 endgame. We have a few requirements for joining, but the clan admins are always willing to talk on an individual basis as we are a community of like minded players above all else. Toxicity and pessimism are not tolerated, but friendly boasting and competition is encouraged. [b]Requirements[/b] - -21+ in age (sorry little lights, come back for a pint later) -Willingness to join and contribute actively to our clan discord (this is a must, no exceptions) -Having purchased the latest Destiny 2 expansion and being endgame ready. -Friendly, optimistic attitude towards other players and Destiny’s long term future. [b]Preferred[/b] - -Experience in Destiny 2 raids, dungeons or other endgame content, and the willingness to learn from and/or teach others in the community. -An interest/experience in pvp areas of endgame i.e. trials, glory and competitive areas of Destiny 2. If you’ve made it this far and are still interested please drop an application. [url=][/url]
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