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My problem with all the 3.0 Subclasses

I agree all exotics need a once over/update


I agree some exotics need a once over/update


I beleive all exotics are fine the way they are




After finally playing and surviving on arc titans and warlocks, I have now seen the full spectrum of how all the classes operate, and they feel good...for the most part Though everyone will have their favorite styles and need for violence in their own ways, my main concern with the final 3.0 to be implemented, is the simple fact that exotic armors have fallen off quite poorly due to it. Sure, cuirass of the falling star, Splendor Helm, St0mp-ies, etc, they have their own niche uses and people use them happily, but other exotics i fear are just so old that they were left to rust for nothing. An example would be "Wings of sacred dawn", exotic chest for warlocks, this exotic has been replaced by an aspect (Heat rises), and having to be both restricted to a certain super and the fact that you hang in 1 spot, leads to both pvp and pve, being simply turned into a pincushion waiting to die. Why run an exotic that locks you in the air?, to replace an aspect that allows you to stay in the air, consume your grenade to stay in the air longer, and grant grant you 2 dodges while in the air with another aspect?". In my opinion, its not worth it to equip this exotic, just so you can enhance your grenades, and lose the 2nd dodge. "Getaway artist" Is another exotic got murdered by an aspect, and feels like a waste of a slot just to replace the aspect for the melee and the iconic traces, when becoming amplified turns the turret into a rapid fire monster on the aspect (Which the arms dont do). Not to mention all of the aspects benefits in rift regeneration. This trend continues on with "Insurmountable Skullfort", "Helm of saint 14" (Why blind as a super when you can run arc and blind as a grenade/special weapon/melee),"Khempri's Horn", "No backup plans" (a stronger Void over shield from aspect), "Crest of alpha lupi", and the list goes all. (Yes i know i listed all titan stuff, looking at a list of all exotics on as i type this) Hell, there are 2 hunter exotics that DO THE EXACT SAME THING (Just slightly different) "Raiju's Harness" and "Blight Ranger". The harness allows you to end your super early (and retain only a third of your super ((i think?)), and not consuming more energy while guarding, while blight ranger redriects damage incoming with increased damage returned, while also not consuming more super while guarding. Why not give the harness, as it was the first of the 2, an improvement that says "While guarding, steadily increase damage reflected" and turn blight ranger into something that feels like, i dont know, a blightful effect Alot of exotics need that little push to return them to the fold, or eventually they will simply be left in our collections, never to be used/seen again Edit 1.2: Spell check and promper grammer at points...quite tired



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