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8/18/2022 10:22:34 AM

So, Bungie said "special economy needs to change first" before they would re-introduce NLB, Invective and Icebreaker. I don't think so. Here's why.

Actually, the special economy doesn't need to change first to allow to re-introduce the guns. At least from my perspective as a longtime player. NLB is a was a primary weapon. Just make it a special weapon and improve the perk. It doesn't need to stay a primary weapon. Icebreaker and Invective did regen ammunition over time while staying alive. Just change their ammo regeneration to only work as a chance when making primary weapon kills. Problem solved. In PvE you get enough special weapon drops. In PvE you have enough trash enemies that can recharge your Icebreaker/Invective then. In PvP Special Ammo drops like candy. In PvP you do a lot of killing with primaries.



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