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8/9/2022 6:41:08 PM

[PC/PSN/XBOX] THE SGC, Destiny's Premier Community is now Recruiting for The Season of the HAUNTED!! | Join 13k Guardians | VotD Groups & Sherpas!! | Clan Wars | Monthly Awards and Giveaways worth $500 in Silver and much more!!!!!!

[url][/url] The Shrouded Gaming Community (SGC) strives to be more than just a clan. We're a close-knit community - a family of sorts, a place where all are welcome, and a place to find fellow, like-minded gamers. We have a team of volunteer staff members on at all times of day to help out with anything you may need in-game or out, a weekly live stream with giveaways and awards where we give back to the community, and tons of active members playing in every corner of the Destiny 2 universe every day. Whether you’re simply looking to group up or looking to find a true gaming community that feels more like home, the SGC is the place for you. See the links below to apply today!! [spoiler][b] The Shrouded Mission[/b] Here at Shrouded, our mission is simple: We strive to create and foster a friendly, welcoming community where gamers can thrive and all are welcome. We aim to constantly improve and be the best we can be in all that we do as a gaming community as a whole. We love to see our most talented members showing off their skillz, but we know “being the best we can be” means welcoming, teaching, and bringing less experienced, newer players up to those legendary skill levels! We build our members up, giving them the tools and knowledge they need to succeed on their own. Our community is just as great a place to start your Destiny 2 career as it is to show off what you’ve already accomplished. We have thousands of members all over the world spanning many platforms - PC, Playstation, and Xbox. But don’t let our numbers alarm you! This just means you’ll always find someone to team up with, teach, learn from, or just to joke around with. And while we have centered around our Destiny 2 players, we have dedicated channels and servers for many other games - we celebrate gamers, first and foremost! [b]All Are Welcome[/b] At the SGC we welcome all types of gamers and all walks of life. We have a lot of experienced players, a lot of casual players, and everything in between. We accept all skill and experience levels, and we are always looking to expand! As an accepting community, we DO NOT tolerate discrimination, -blam!-, racism, hate speech, or toxicity of any sort. We welcome everyone and accept everyone for who they are - we are all united in our love for gaming. [b]Discord Servers to Unite Our Clans[/b] Our Destiny 2 clans are limited to 100 members. We have many more than 100 members here at Shrouded Gaming. So we use a Discord server to keep our sub-clans united and playing together under the SGC umbrella. We currently have many clans to choose from - 17 on Steam, 5 on Playstation, and 5 on Xbox - but we all LFG and chat on our discord server. There you’ll find other members chatting and grouping up, great resources on how to complete certain encounters/raids, tips and tricks, tracking bots to help track your stats, cute pictures of our pets, and all the memes your heart could desire! You can come just to group up, or you can take advantage of all our servers have to offer - it's up to you! And don’t worry if you’ve never used Discord before - we have a number of video tutorials and other, more experienced members in all time zones to help you out and walk you through what you need to get started! [b]Get Help When You Need It[/b] Our designated staff team of Sherpas, run raids and many other encounters regularly and will aim to teach a few new players with each run. So if you’ve never raided because you weren’t sure where to start, or you’re having trouble getting that exotic weapon quest done, we’re here to help you learn. [b]We Stay Active![/b] We’ve all been in those clans with one hundred members, ten of which actually play regularly. It’s never fun, and our fantastic staff puts in countless volunteer hours so you don’t have to worry about that happening to your Shrouded clan! Here at Shrouded, we keep our clans full of active members by purging inactive players weekly. We ask that our members stay active in-game at least once every 10 days. Since we use our Discord server to unite all of our console clans and keep everyone playing together, we also act that you post something on Discord at least once every 14 days. If you aren’t active in both, a staff member will reach out on Discord to warn you that you’re in da-blam!- of being booted. If you’re still not active (in both) come the following Sunday, you’ll be removed from the clan. [b]However this only pertains to the in-game clan, feel free to stick around and chill with our great community & engage in other activities we provide. If you get back into Destiny, you can jump back in!! [/b] [b]We Give Back[/b] The SGC gives back to gamers. We have a Player of the Week (PotW) live stream on Twitch every week and a Player of the Month (PotM) live stream every month. Here we celebrate our most active players and clans for the week/month, but it’s so much more than that! We give away consoles, games, DLCs, gift cards, discount codes, and much more just for watching! It’s not required, but it’s a great way to connect with your clanmates. We also participate in charity events that benefit the greater gaming community as a whole. As gamers, we support gamers and the love of the game! [b]See If Shrouded Is Right for You[/b] Not sure you want to jump ship from your clan right away? Not sure if you want to be part of such a large community? Not sure the activity policy matches how you play? We get it! Feel free to join our Discord server and see what we’re all about. We’d love to see you join, but by no means do you have to. You can join the Discord and interact with some of our Shrouded family - ask whatever questions you might have and see what our members think - we think you’ll like it here! [/spoiler] [b][u]To join simply[/u]:[/b] 1) Upvote this post. (This Helps more members see & become part of the shrouded.) 2) Pick and Apply to One of the Clans Below! (If one is full, try another!) 3) We have 2 Discords, one designed for Steam Players & one designed for Console Players a) Join our [b]PC[/b] Server Here - b) Join Our [b]Console[/b] Server Here - 4) Make your way through our welcome page to the #clan-approval-waitlist & follow the directions in the pinned message for final Approval. [b]PC Divisions[/b] [i]NA[/i] Division [url=]Shrouded Catastrophe[/URL] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Degenerates[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Perfected[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Reaper[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Anarchy[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Souls[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Squeakers[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded IX[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Wraiths[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded VII[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Guardians[/url] CLOSED [i]EU[/i] Division [url=]Shrouded Disciples[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Outlaws[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Fury[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Storm[/url] CLOSED [i]PVP[/i] Division (NEW!!) (All Platforms)(Must Use Discord For Communication,[url=]DISCORD LINK[/url]) [url=]Shrouded Mayhem[/url] OPEN [i]Playstation[/i] Division [url=]Shrouded Legion[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Devils[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Sentinels[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Spartans[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Knights[/url] OPEN [i]XBOX[/i] Division [url=]Shrouded Wardens[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Omens[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Dawn[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Wolves[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Void[/url] CLOSED Thanks for reading and Welcome to the Shrouded Gaming Community!



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